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Jump$tart Washington can help you. Whether you need to find a guest speaker, curriculum or want to find out the latest information about financial literacy in Washington you'll find it here.

Why Is Financial Literacy Important To Teachers?

Parents feel unprepared to teach their children about money matters. For many families, discussing day-to-day finances together is simply taboo. As a result, many children graduate from high school ill prepared to deal with the basics of money management. On average, teens spend $125 billion a year and are a formidable force in our economy. As a teacher, you are vital in helping young people to learn how to make wise financial choices.

Why Is Financial Literacy Important To Parents?

As parents, you influence the way your children will grow up to handle money every day. Does your financial picture bring stress into your life? Learn to handle your money well and your children will have the necessary tools to handle their finances when they venture out into the world. Where do you start?

Resources (Books, Magazines, Articles)

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