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Financial Capability Month Reading Days 2022

Whoops! We are starting late getting ready for this year’s Financial Capability Month Reading Days event, but hope you’ll still be able to participate. Washington’s Financial Capability Month Reading Days campaign is dedicated to reaching elementary and middle school students (k-2, 3-5 and 6-8 grades). This educational event is sponsored by Jump$tart Washington, the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions and the Financial Education Public Private Partnership, and is a great opportunity to join the cause in teaching children the importance of financial literacy. Research shows our money habits, whether we will be a saver or spender, is set by age 7! It’s never too early to start teaching the next generation about money.

In anticipation of having classrooms that will welcome an external reader, we have “window” masks for readers so students can see our smiles for any readers who would like them or classrooms that may ask non staff to be masked. We are going to record readings of the books as well if you prefer to have this be a virtual event in your classroom.

Reading Days give our community leaders a chance to go into local schools and read a storybook with a financial education theme. This year’s book selections are:

K-2: Ayo’s Money Jar

Ayos Money Jar book

3-5: Not Your Parent’s Money Book

Not Your Parents Money Book

6-8: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees book

We are working to order 20 of each book to do 10 classrooms per grade level and leave a book in the library at each school.

We hope you will join other community leaders and classrooms across the state in this important campaign.

If you would like to sign up and join the cause, here’s what you do:

If you would like to read in a classroom:

  1. Fill out this survey:
  2. You will fill out your availability in the month of April and let us know if there is a specific school or location you would like to read at (if not, just leave those boxes blank), and whether you have a teacher you would like us to contact or who you have already connected with - then hit submit and we’ll work on the coordination!
  3. Wait for us to match you with the school/location of your choice or one in your area.
  4. We will then mail you your book and make sure you have the materials for a successful Reading Day!

If you are an educator who would like to have a reader in your classroom:

  1. Fill out this survey:
  2. You will fill out your availability for the April timeframe and let us know if there is someone specific you would like to have come read to your classroom (if there is not, just leave that box blank) or if you prefer to use a recorded reading - and submit your survey!
  3. We will match you with a reader who has the same availability as you, or has requested your class specifically – or send you the link to the recorded readings.
  4. We will send you the book if you are hosting an in-person reading and all the materials you need to host a successful Reading Day!  

If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to contact 2022 Financial Capability Month Reading Days coordinator, Melody Cahill.    

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